Welcoming Your Special Needs or Aging Pet!

We know how important your Pet Child is to you.

Premier Pet Resort in Central Pennsylvania

Kind Hearted Pet Resort in Grantville, Pennsylvania, offers a premier resort for your pet child. Contact us to learn more about our accommodations or to make reservations.
Pet Vacations
At Kind Hearted Pet Resort we know how you feel about your pet children. They are part of the family and you want them to have the love and care they receive at home even when you are away.

That is why we have developed our style of alternative boarding to closely resemble home or at the very least, a nice visit with their Aunt and Uncle at their country house.

We know some of our guests have never been away from their families before and how much you miss your pet children when you are away. At Kind Hearted Pet Resort, the emotional well being of your pets are not overlooked. We do everything we can to provide not only for their physical needs but their emotional needs as well.
Brown dog—Pet Resort in Grantville, PA
Exclusive pet resort with personal attention...
Many pet boarding facilities will not admit pets that have special needs, conditions, or are over a certain age. At Kind Hearted Pet Resort, you can trust us with your special needs pet. We take a small number of guests at a time to make sure everyone gets plenty of attention. This also allows us to give specific care for your aging or specal needs pet. They aren't just a pet, they are your family.
Contact us when you are planning a vacation so your pet can have one as well!
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