Pet Resort in the Harrisburg, Pennylvania Area

Each bedroom has a private enclosed patio that opens into one of our large play yards with 8' tall reinforced fencing. You can fill your pet's room with beds, blankets, and anything to make your pet happy. Our spacious rooms feature:
  • Soothing Music
  • Nightlights
  • Four Zone Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Raised Cushion Floor
  • Aging and Sensitive Guest Accommodation and more!
We also have suites available for our multi-pet families. We never separate family members unless you request separate bedrooms. We offer care and accommodations for aging and sensitive guests and can accommodate most medical conditions.

We provide private tours for guests and their families after they have booked their date. This gives you and your pet an opportunity to meet Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin to discuss how to make sure your pet's vacation is the best it can be.

We schedule these tours once or twice a month, around the schedule of our visiting guests. Your deposit is required at tour.